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Re: test-fcntl-h-c++.cc:32: error: 'open' is not a member of 'gnulib'

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: test-fcntl-h-c++.cc:32: error: 'open' is not a member of 'gnulib'
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 00:26:53 +0100
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Jim Meyering wrote:
> I produced the preprocessed output using this trick:
>     make -C gnulib-tests AM_CXXFLAGS='-dD -E' test-fcntl-h-c++.o

You teach me about the -dD option. Nice!

> #define _GL_FCNTL_H 
> # 59 "../lib/fcntl.h" 3
> #define GL_LINK_WARNING(message) GL_LINK_WARNING1 (__FILE__, __LINE__, 
> message)
> #define GL_LINK_WARNING1(file,line,message) GL_LINK_WARNING2 (file, line, 
> message)
> #define GL_LINK_WARNING2(file,line,message) GL_LINK_WARNING3 (file ":" #line 
> ": warning: " message)
> #define GL_LINK_WARNING3(message) ({ static const char warning[sizeof 
> (message)] __attribute__ ((__unused__, __section__ (".gnu.warning"), 
> __aligned__ (1))) = message "\n"; (void)0; })

Your copy of gnulib-tests/fcntl.h is more than two months old. It contains
traces of GL_LINK_WARNING, which we are not using any more since 2010-01-20.
At the same time, you are using a test-fcntl-h-c++.cc from a couple of days

I would recommend to do
  1. "make distclean"
  2. verify that gnulib-tests/fcntl.h is gone
  3. "./configure"

Did you by bad chance run './bootstrap' without a prior "make distclean"?
Or were the timestamps disturbed by git?


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