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havelib tests

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: havelib tests
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 00:57:25 +0100
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Now that gnulib has a way to store long-running and unportable tests, I would
like to move the 'havelib' testsuite from a GNU gettext subdirectory
to gnulib.

This testsuite is essential when anyone modifies m4/lib-link.m4.

The test would be declared as 'longrunning-test' and 'unportable-test', so that
normally only the output of "gnulib-tool --create-[mega]testdir" would contain
it. It would remain a single subdirectory in gnulib, with a separate
Makefile.am and 8 subdirectories.

Any objections to that?

In theory it would be possible to extract the history of this chunk of code
from the GNU gettext git repository and merge (oops, rebase) it into the gnulib
repository. But these are quite complicated operations, and the testsuite has
hardly changed in the last 7 years. Therefore the history is of small
usefulness. I would like to take the simple route and simply add the files as
"new files" in the gnulib repository.



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