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Re: module request: EINVAL synonyms?

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: module request: EINVAL synonyms?
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 22:42:39 +0200
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Hi Sam,

> Sometimes system calls fail not because the operation failed but
> because the argument was not appropriate.
> E.g., fsync(fd) may fail because fd is a TTY.
> Normally errno==EINVAL should indicate that, but on some platforms
> other errno's are used.
> ... 
> I want a module einval which would export
> #define IS_EINVAL
> to config.h
> and IS_EINVAL would be defined to
>  (errno==EINVAL)||(errno==ENOSYS))
> on Irix,
>  (errno==EINVAL)||(errno==EBADF))||(errno==EACCES))||(errno==EBADRQC))
> on cygwin &c, and
>  (errno==EINVAL)
> by default.

The outcome of this discussion thread on bug-gnulib
was that it is possible to have one such function for fsync, one for
sockets, one for ACLs, and so on. But one should better avoid a generic
function of this kind that is applied to different situations - because
the same errno value means different things in different situations.

Regarding fsync, coreutils/src/shred.c has this definition:

/* Return true when it's ok to ignore an fsync or fdatasync
   failure that set errno to ERRNO_VAL.  */
static bool
ignorable_sync_errno (int errno_val)
  return (errno_val == EINVAL
          || errno_val == EBADF
          /* HP-UX does this */
          || errno_val == EISDIR);

But of course, the 'shred' program is never applied to ttys, therefore
this function does not care to handle errno values that are specific to
fsync on ttys.


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