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Help with openpty

From: Marco Lombardi
Subject: Help with openpty
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 10:26:52 +0200

Dear all,

I am trying to use the openpty macro, but I encounter a problem:
everything works fine on a Mac OS X computer, but the test fails on a
Linux one.  In particular, the PTY headers are founds


but I still get no openpty function

/* #undef HAVE_OPENPTY */

Looking at config.log, the problem can be traced to a linking issue:
on Linux, the macro does not seem to use the -lutil linking flag, and
therefore the HAVE_OPENPTY is not set.  I checked the relevant macros
in pty.m4, and it appears that the linking flags are saved in PTY_LIB.
 Is there anything particular I have to do to make configure use these
flags when testing for openpty (and also when linking my code)?  I
guess I am missing something basic here, but could not find hints in
the documentation.

Many thanks,
Marco Lombardi

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