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RE: libfloss on HP NonStop

From: Schmitz, Joachim
Subject: RE: libfloss on HP NonStop
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2010 16:56:52 +0000

It is very likely that this wrapper is used, as without it'd be very difficult 
to do the ports.

There is not much of documentation, mainly source code, check 
http://ituglib.connect-community.org and select the (latest) floss package.

I'll have a go at your testdir later, maybe tomorrow (if $dayjob permits).

Bye, Jojo

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From: Bruno Haible [mailto:address@hidden 
Sent: Saturday, October 02, 2010 6:06 PM
To: Schmitz, Joachim
Cc: Paul Eggert; Paolo Bonzini; 'bug-gnulib'
Subject: Re: libfloss on HP NonStop

Joachim Schmitz wrote:
> The -lfloss is being taken care of by the cc wrapper script, so nothing you
> need to be worried about.

Does everyone use this wrapper script? What if someone runs configure with

> there are more of these workaround/additions now. They either provide
> feature NonStop doesn't have otherwise (e.g. adjtime, fsync, the pty
> family or alloca) or workaround implementation specifics that are just
> unusual on other platforms (e.g. Block sizes for read, write) or provide
> some extra features (e.g. the exec family, here we spread the load
> across CPUs) and also covers the slight differences across the different OS 
> releases.     

Can you tell us more about the workarounds here? alloca, fsync, truncate,
and openpty/forkpty all are already supported by gnulib.

Maybe the simplest start on all this is to evaluate how far gnulib already
covers the needs on your platform, and which gnulib tests fail.
I've prepared a testdir from today's gnulib, with the proposed changes, for you
at  http://www.haible.de/bruno/gnu/testdir.tar.gz

What compilation errors, link errors, test failures does it show with
  $ ./configure
  $ make
  $ make check


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