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Re: installable gnulib library

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: installable gnulib library
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2010 12:16:52 -0700
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Hey Gary,

On 09/26/08 20:34, Gary V. Vaughan wrote:
>> Long ago, far away and years ago, that is *precisely* the point I was
>> making. (Remember the autotool bake-off contest?)
> I remember it well.  Code Sourcery.

> The thing that struck me a few days ago was that gnulib actually provides
> all the code that such a shim would need, only it has to be copied
> piece-meal into the packages that want to take advantage of it as it stands.

> Outside of the autotool and GNU communities, the vast majority of people I
> encounter strongly dislike the difficulty of using autotools in client

I feel a strong kindred spirit with that "vast majority". :)

> Wouldn't it be great if we only
> had to run that stuff *once* (when installing gnulib) and every other
> command-line package that paid attention could remove all of their
> autotools glue?

400 lines of intense shell script later, ...

> And no one is telling me I'm an idiot yet... looks like a green light to
> me :D

I got tepid support but nobody's saying, "works for me" yet either.
Have you played with it?

Attached is a script to do the job.  The resulting project can be found
here:  http://autogen.sourceforge.net/data/

_Some_ feedback before spending too much time polishing would be really nice.
Ultimately, I think the script belongs in gnulib/build-aux, though it can
be run from anywhere as long as "gnulib-tool" is in the path.

Thanks - Bruce

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