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Re: -Werror in tests

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: -Werror in tests
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 17:07:17 +0200

Bruno Haible wrote:

> Hi Jim,
>> With that, I can enable -Werror in coreutils' gnulib-tests directory.
> Only on glibc systems, I hope? On other platforms, there will be lots of other
> warnings that I don't want to deal with individually.
> Globally, I don't think it is such a good move. We need more unit tests,
> and with a limited amount of time, I think it is better to write 2
> "quick & dirty" style tests than 1 polished and warning-free test.
> Therefore I'm not in favour of requiring a 100% warning-free tests directory
> with various kinds of gcc warnings. If a test gives no warnings with
> "gcc -Wall", and has a couple of comments, that's all I would demand
> from a test.

Hi Bruno,

README-hacking says it clearly enough:

    [...build instructions...]

    And there you are!  Just

            $ ./configure --quiet #[--enable-gcc-warnings] [*]
            $ make
            $ make check


    [*] The --enable-gcc-warnings option is useful only with glibc
    and with a very recent version of gcc.  You'll probably also have
    to use recent system headers.  If you configure with this option,
    and spot a problem, please be sure to send the report to the bug
    reporting address of this package, and not to that of gnulib, even
    if the problem seems to originate in a gnulib-provided file.

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