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Re: Support for options in valgrind-tests

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: Support for options in valgrind-tests
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 07:27:20 +0100
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I suggest you guys check out the parallel-tests driver from recent
Automake.  It provides makefile variables for specifying a command
to run specific tests, plus options to that.  That can be used for

Quoting the documentation:

   For tests that match an extension `.EXT' listed in
`TEST_EXTENSIONS', you can provide a test driver using the variable
`EXT_LOG_COMPILER' (note the upper-case extension) and pass options in
`AM_EXT_LOG_FLAGS' and allow the user to pass options in
`EXT_LOG_FLAGS'.  It will cause all tests with this extension to be
called with this driver.  For all tests without a registered extension,
the variables `LOG_COMPILER', `AM_LOG_FLAGS', and `LOG_FLAGS' may be
used.  For example,

     TESTS = foo.pl bar.py baz
     TEST_EXTENSIONS = .pl .py
     AM_PL_LOG_FLAGS = -w
     AM_PY_LOG_FLAGS = -v
     LOG_COMPILER = ./wrapper-script
     AM_LOG_FLAGS = -d

will invoke `$(PERL) -w foo.pl', `$(PYTHON) -v bar.py', and
`./wrapper-script -d baz' to produce `foo.log', `bar.log', and
`baz.log', respectively.  The `TESTS_ENVIRONMENT' variable is still
expanded before the driver, but should be reserved for the user.


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