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Re: [bug-libunistring] Joining_Type?

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [bug-libunistring] Joining_Type?
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 23:18:05 +0100
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Hi Simon,

> Is there any way to find out the Joining_Type [1] of a code point with
> libunistring?  I haven't found out how to do it, and it is needed for
> IDNA2008

Indeed, IDNA2008 (= RFC 5890..5895) requires this [1]. I did not know
that this property could be useful to software that is not a rendering
engine. So it's really in the scope of libunistring.

I'm adding this patch to gnulib. It will show up in libunistring 0.9.4

[1] http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5892#appendix-A.1

2011-03-21  Bruno Haible  <address@hidden>

        New module 'unictype/joininggroup-all'.
        * modules/unictype/joininggroup-all: New file.

        Tests for module 'unictype/joininggroup-of'.
        * modules/unictype/joininggroup-of-tests: New file.
        * tests/unictype/test-joininggroup_of.c: New file.
        * tests/unictype/test-joininggroup_of.h: New file, automatically
        generated by gen-uni-tables.

        New module 'unictype/joininggroup-of'.
        * modules/unictype/joininggroup-of: New file.
        * lib/unictype/joininggroup_of.c: New file.
        * lib/unictype/joininggroup_of.h: New file, automatically generated by

        Tests for module 'unictype/joininggroup-byname'.
        * modules/unictype/joininggroup-byname-tests: New file.
        * tests/unictype/test-joininggroup_byname.c: New file.

        New module 'unictype/joininggroup-byname'.
        * modules/unictype/joininggroup-byname: New file.
        * lib/unictype/joininggroup_byname.c: New file.
        * lib/unictype/joininggroup_byname.gperf: New file.

        Tests for module 'unictype/joininggroup-name'.
        * modules/unictype/joininggroup-name-tests: New file.
        * tests/unictype/test-joininggroup_name.c: New file.

        New module 'unictype/joininggroup-name'.
        * modules/unictype/joininggroup-name: New file.
        * lib/unictype/joininggroup_name.c: New file.
        * lib/unictype/joininggroup_name.h: New file.

        New module 'unictype/joiningtype-all'.
        * modules/unictype/joiningtype-all: New file.

        Tests for module 'unictype/joiningtype-of'.
        * modules/unictype/joiningtype-of-tests: New file.
        * tests/unictype/test-joiningtype_of.c: New file.
        * tests/unictype/test-joiningtype_of.h: New file, automatically
        generated by gen-uni-tables.

        New module 'unictype/joiningtype-of'.
        * modules/unictype/joiningtype-of: New file.
        * lib/unictype/joiningtype_of.c: New file.
        * lib/unictype/joiningtype_of.h: New file, automatically generated by

        Tests for module 'unictype/joiningtype-byname'.
        * modules/unictype/joiningtype-byname-tests: New file.
        * tests/unictype/test-joiningtype_byname.c: New file.

        New module 'unictype/joiningtype-byname'.
        * modules/unictype/joiningtype-byname: New file.
        * lib/unictype/joiningtype_byname.c: New file.

        Tests for module 'unictype/joiningtype-name'.
        * modules/unictype/joiningtype-name-tests: New file.
        * tests/unictype/test-joiningtype_name.c: New file.

        New module 'unictype/joiningtype-name'.
        * modules/unictype/joiningtype-name: New file.
        * lib/unictype/joiningtype_name.c: New file.

        unictype: Add support for Arabic shaping properties.
        * lib/unictype.in.h (UC_JOINING_TYPE_*): New enumeration values.
        (uc_joining_type_name, uc_joining_type_byname, uc_joining_type): New
        (UC_JOINING_GROUP_*): New enumeration values.
        (uc_joining_group_name, uc_joining_group_byname, uc_joining_group): New
        * lib/gen-uni-tables.c (UC_JOINING_TYPE_*): New enumeration values.
        (unicode_joining_type): New variable.
        (UC_JOINING_GROUP_*): New enumeration values.
        (unicode_joining_group): New variable.
        (fill_arabicshaping, joining_type_as_c_identifier,
        output_joining_type_test, output_joining_type,
        joining_group_as_c_identifier, output_joining_group_test,
        output_joining_group): New functions.
        (main); Add an argument denoting the ArabicShaping.txt file. Invoke
        fill_arabicshaping and output_joining_type_test, output_joining_type,
        output_joining_group_test, output_joining_group.
        Reported by Simon Josefsson.

[patch skipped due to size]
In memoriam Mirza Davud Huseynov 

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