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gendocs.sh is broken

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: gendocs.sh is broken
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2011 13:52:39 -0700
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This source line:
> cmd="${DOCBOOK2HTML} -o $split_html_db_dir \"${outdir}/$PACKAGE-db.xml\""
> docbook2html -o  "manual/complexity-db.xml"
whether or not --texi2html is specified on the command line.

This is almost certainly a problem stemming from these messages:

../build-aux/gendocs.sh: line 313: cd: html_node_db: No such file or directory
ls: cannot access manual/complexity.html_node_db.tar.gz: No such file or 
mv: cannot stat `html_node_db/*.html': No such file or directory
rmdir: failed to remove `html_node_db': No such file or directory

which is likely caused because some lines are misordered:

    299 if test -n "$docbook"; then
    300   cmd="$SETLANG $MAKEINFO -o - --docbook \"$srcfile\" > 
    301   echo "Generating docbook XML... ($cmd)"
    302   eval "$cmd"
    303   docbook_xml_size=`calcsize $PACKAGE-db.xml`
    304   gzip -f -9 -c $PACKAGE-db.xml >"$outdir/$PACKAGE-db.xml.gz"
    305   docbook_xml_gz_size=`calcsize "$outdir/$PACKAGE-db.xml.gz"`
    306   mv $PACKAGE-db.xml "$outdir/"
    308   cmd="${DOCBOOK2HTML} -o $split_html_db_dir 
    309   echo "Generating docbook HTML... ($cmd)"
    310   eval "$cmd"
    311   split_html_db_dir=html_node_db
    312   (
    313     cd ${split_html_db_dir} || exit 1
    314     tar -czf "$abs_outdir/${PACKAGE}.html_node_db.tar.gz" -- *.html
    315   )

maybe assign split_html_db_dir before using it?  Better, maybe, just
not use a variable?  I think all usages of it appear here.  Anyway,
the short fix seems to be to move line 311 to before the current line 308.

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