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Re: sharutils-4.11 does not compile on Solaris

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: sharutils-4.11 does not compile on Solaris
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 11:37:17 -0700
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On 04/18/11 23:58, Bruno Haible wrote:
Bruce Korb wrote:
He ran gnulib-tool in February
of 2011 and presumed that the latest and greatest would have been pulled in.

The problem is in the sharutils/bootstrap script, which invokes 'autoreconf'
after 'gnulib-tool'. This pitfall is now better documented than it was in
February 2011 (thanks to Ralf for the suggestion). You find the updated doc

My head hurts.  I just want a small set of commands to run that
will pull in the current and consistent infrastructure.  I can
learn all the intricacies of gettext, but it shouldn't be necessary.
What does that page mean that I should do with this bootstrap code:

    ${glib} --import ${gnulib_libs} | tee import-log.txt
    echo "${extra_dist}" >> lib/Makefile.am
    test -f fdl.texi && mv fdl.texi doc/.
    autoreconf --force --install -Wall || true

Should I add a prefix:
    AUTOPOINT=true \
to the autoreconf line?  Or, should I do the import after
autoreconf?  Thank you. - Bruce

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