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Re: sc_makefile_at_at_check and gettext LOCALEDIR

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: sc_makefile_at_at_check and gettext LOCALEDIR
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 14:04:34 +0200

Jim Meyering wrote:
> Jim Meyering wrote:
>> Bruno Haible wrote:
>>> Simon Josefsson wrote:
>>>> > So the use of @...@ is not only appropriate here, it is even mandatory.
>>>> So possibly the maint.mk check should be relaxed to permit constructs
>>>> matching FOO = ... @FOO@ then?
>>> Yes, this is what I meant.
>>>> Then I think the current behaviour of maint.mk shoudld stay, unless
>>>> anyone else finds other corner cases -- this warning resulted a change
>>>> to use a more modern style in one of my projects.
>>> It is also commonplace to use Makefile.am to tweak a definition found
>>> by Autoconf. For example, I have
>>> in several projects, otherwise makeinfo will put German or French navigation
>>> helps into an otherwise English documentation.
>> Thanks to both of you, here are some improvements.
>> In addition, I've extended it to also check *.mk files,
>> so it may expose new uses of @VAR@ in some projects.
>> Subject: [PATCH] maint.mk: makefile_at_at_check extend and clean up
> FYI, when pushing that, I accidentally pushed this commit, too:
>   http://git.sv.gnu.org/cgit/gnulib.git/commit/?id=349d7fe0e307d59d

More details: of course, I reverted that change.
Also, I should mention that I saw it so quickly thanks to the fact that
some of the automatic nixos/hydra builds (at least grep and diffutils)
automatically use the latest from gnulib.

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