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Re: announce-gen

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: announce-gen
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 22:20:20 GMT

    If no one else feels strongly enough about this to
    speak up, I'm willing to drop the "-", 

I don't feel strongly about it either way, but FWIW, the majority of
Subject: lines in the info-gnu archives for this month use the real
package name and a space.

So, as long as we're talking "coreutils" and not "GNU Coreutils", dash
instead of space seems fine to me.  Whatever.


17 lines matching "^subject:" in buffer 
     37:Subject: GNU/Hurd 0.401 is released!
    153:Subject: GNU libsigsegv 2.10 released
    225:Subject: ncurses-5.9
    577:Subject: GNU Typist 2.8.5 released
    646:Subject: GNU xorriso 1.0.6 released
    791:Subject: Gnubik 2.4 is released
    893:Subject: coreutils-8.11 released [stable]
   1077:Subject: autoconf-archive-2011.04.12 released [stable]
   1193:Subject: GNU xorriso 1.0.8 released (important bug fix)
   1335:Subject: GNU mtools 4.0.16 released
   1421:Subject: FreeIPMI 1.0.4 Released
   1534:Subject: GNU Parallel 20110411 ('Libya') released
   1661:Subject: Libidn 1.21 released
   1860:Subject: coreutils-8.12 released [stable]
   2043:Subject: new release of 4.5.2 of XBoard
   2130:Subject: GNU Chess 6 released
   2292:Subject: GNU Guile 2.0.1 released

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