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Licensing of modules for libposix

From: Reuben Thomas
Subject: Licensing of modules for libposix
Date: Wed, 4 May 2011 08:27:20 +0100

Going through the list provided by Bruno:

> Among the modules that will be part of libposix, i.e. that are listed as
> gnulib modules for some POSIX functions or headers, the following are
> currently under GPL license:

> <math.h> functions:

>  acosl, asinl, atanl, cosl, expl, logl, sinl, sqrtl, tanl

These modules all seem to come from Bruno, and the C for these appear
to be under a license from Sun that says "do whatever you like, just
reproduce this copyright notice", so Bruno could relicense them LGPL.

> isfinite, tmpfile

are from Ben Pfaff, who gave his permission for relicensing in


> File system related functions, around openat() - discussed in another thread -

I left this aside for now.

>  fflush, futimens

These are Eric's. Eric?

> Obsolete modules (could be omitted from libposix): free, memcpy

So let's omit them.

>  nanosleep

Bruno & Jim's. Bruno & Jim?

> getgroups, tzset

Jim's. Jim?

> strtoimax, strtoumax

Paul's. Paul?


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