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Re: do I need "ifdef HAVE_UNISTD_H" if I import unistd?

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: Re: do I need "ifdef HAVE_UNISTD_H" if I import unistd?
Date: Mon, 16 May 2011 17:16:51 -0400
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> * Eric Blake <address@hidden> [2011-05-16 14:13:29 -0600]:
> Import that module, possibly add a cfg.mk counterpart (hmm, we
> probably ought to provide a template file for that; but you can use
> coreutils.git/cfg.mk for an idea of how it can be customized), use GNU
> make, and run 'make syntax-check' to catch a number of consistency
> errors.  If you decide that a particular syntax check is inappropriate
> for your project, cfg.mk will let you omit it.

it looks useful but _very_ hard to actually use.

why is maint.mk put into my top dir?
shouldn't it go to src/build-aux/?
why doesn't vc-list-files accept a list of directories?
(it would be 'src modules' for me)
why is $(srcdir)/lib/ hard-coded? I use gllib instead of lib.

when I managed to get it "running", I got
warnings about HAVE_ALLOCA_H in ChangeLog, aclocal.m4, and configure.

thanks for the pointer though...
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