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Re: do I need "ifdef HAVE_UNISTD_H" if I import unistd?

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: Re: do I need "ifdef HAVE_UNISTD_H" if I import unistd?
Date: Mon, 16 May 2011 17:56:09 -0400
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> * Eric Blake <address@hidden> [2011-05-16 15:45:00 -0600]:
> On 05/16/2011 03:36 PM, Karl Berry wrote:
>>     > warnings about HAVE_ALLOCA_H in ChangeLog, aclocal.m4, and configure.
>> Why should there ever be a warning about an occurrence of HAVE_ALLOCA_H
>> in the ChangeLog?  Just wondering.
> Only because the filters haven't been tuned to exclude non-source files
> by default for all of the syntax check rules.  It's not too hard to add
> ChangeLog to a permanent per-file exemption, by adding:
> to cfg.mk.  Modify that regex as needed to permanently skip other files
> from the maint.mk syntax checks.

from the way VC_LIST_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE_REGEX is used, this appears to be TRT:

VC_LIST_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE_REGEX = ChangeLog|configure|config.in.h|aclocal.m4

however, it has no effect.

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