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Re: bug#8675: error: token "@" is not valid in preprocessor expressions

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: bug#8675: error: token "@" is not valid in preprocessor expressions
Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 00:39:47 -0700
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>> If the previous Makefile.in was not based on gnulib 2011-04-03 or newer,
>> we need to do nothing; the problem is already fixed.
> I am not sure what version of gnulib my Makefile was based on.

The previous Emacs trunk commit (i.e., the commit before the one that
caused you a problem) was based on gnulib 2011-05-06.  I
also updated Emacs trunk from gnulib on 2011-04-26, 2011-04-17,
2011-04-10, 2011-04-06, and 2011-04-05.  So if
you've been keeping up to date regularly with Emacs, your
old Makefile was based on a suitably-recent gnulib.

>> If the reporter did "make" in the top-level directory of emacs and it did
>> not rebuild config.status, even after configure changed, it needs to be
>> fixed in emacs.
> I am not sure how to determine if this was the case, since running
> ./autogen.sh, ./configure and make bootstrap fixed the problem.
> Let me know if I can help to further troubleshoot this.

Perhaps you could try checking out the old version, building it, and
then doing a "bzr up", and see whether the problem recurs?

The top-level Emacs directory does have a dependency of config.status
on configure, for what that's worth, so a top-level "make" should
rebuild config.status.

> If the reporter only did "make" in the lib/ or src/ subdirectory and not
> in the top-level directory, then either he needs to change his way of working,
> or a rule like
>   ../config.status : $(srcdir)/../configure
>       ../config.status --recheck
> needs to be added in every subdirectory's Makefile. Automake generated
> Makefiles contain such a rule, so maybe that's what is missing in
> emacs/src/Makefile?

His problem occurred in emacs/lib, and emacs/lib/Makefile is
generated by Automake, so I expect this is not the problem.

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