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request: pointer to the docs in the module file

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: request: pointer to the docs in the module file
Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 13:26:29 -0400
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How do I find out where a module is documented?
E.g., when I discovered the getloadavg module, I had to do
find gnulib/ -name getload\*
to find gnulib/doc/glibc-functions/getloadavg.texi.
It would be nice if there were a pointer in gnulib/modules/getloadavg,
preferably a URL with the up-to-date (updated nightly) doc generated from
the texi file.

Also, in the MODULES.html file:
1. the dependencies should be links
2. the links to files (e.g., argz.c et al) should specify the file type
text/plain so that firefox does not ask me how to open it.
3. should contain the aforementioned link to the doc generated from

Also, some texi docs, e.g.,
say something like this:
Portability problems fixed by Gnulib:
@end itemize

Portability problems not fixed by Gnulib:
This function is missing on some platforms: .......
@end itemize
if no "portability problems" are fixed, what does this module do?

Also, mkdir.texi says:
On Windows platforms (excluding Cygwin), this function is called @code{_mkdir}
and takes only one argument.  The fix (without Gnulib) is to define a macro
like this:
what does this mean?
I need to use this macro if I am not using Gnulib?
I need to define the macro even if I am using Gnulib?


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