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getloadavg is broken

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: getloadavg is broken
Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 17:02:04 -0400
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Unless I remove the offending line (see the appended patch), configure
fails with "../src/src/gllib/getloadavg.c is missing" message.
apparently $srcdir is "../src" and $1=$gl_source_base="src/gllib" which
cannot be combined into anything sensible.
no other module does such a check, so it is not clear why getloadavg should.

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diff -r efa3b7c4c766 src/glm4/getloadavg.m4
--- a/src/glm4/getloadavg.m4    Tue May 24 16:34:36 2011 -0400
+++ b/src/glm4/getloadavg.m4    Tue May 24 16:57:30 2011 -0400
@@ -20,10 +20,6 @@ AC_DEFUN([gl_GETLOADAVG],
 # Persuade glibc <stdlib.h> to declare getloadavg().
-# Make sure getloadavg.c is where it belongs, at configure-time.
-test -f "$srcdir/$1/getloadavg.c" ||
-  AC_MSG_ERROR([$srcdir/$1/getloadavg.c is missing])
 # getloadvg is present in libc on glibc >= 2.2, MacOS X, FreeBSD >= 2.0,

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