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Re: canonicalize_file_name should support win32 shortcuts

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: canonicalize_file_name should support win32 shortcuts
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 14:51:55 +0200
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Sam Steingold wrote:
> > The feature request is a bit odd, because it mixes the notion of
> > "native Windows" and Cygwin. Cygwin is a platform that runs inside Windows.
> > When you build mingw programs, and redistribute them, they are meant to
> > run in a native Windows environment, in which no Cygwin symlinks exist.
> I have not seen a windows machine without cygwin for longer than it
> took me to install it.
> CLISP understands those "/cygdrive/c/autoexec.bat" pathnames just
> fine, and understanding symlinks is just another step forward.
> > Other non-Cygwin applications don't understand Cygwin symlinks either.
> Emacs understands the cygdrive pathnames and I am sure it will
> appreciate an opportunity to understand symlinks as well.

Jim, are you in favour or against adding support for Cygwin symlinks to
the 'canonicalize' module? It may also require us to split 'lstat' into
two modules: 'lstat', under GPL, with this support, and 'lstat-lgpl',
without it.

Sam, if 'canonicalize' gets this support, would you be willing to use
'canonicalize' instead of 'canonicalize-lgpl' in clisp?

In memoriam Maximilian Kolbe <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maximilian_Kolbe>

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