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Re: android bionc has dummy lconv

From: Gianluigi Tiesi
Subject: Re: android bionc has dummy lconv
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2012 06:34:16 +0200
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On 25/03/2012 6.32, Gianluigi Tiesi wrote:
Android bionic c library has a dummy definition of struct lconv, so the
detection code thinks the struct it's at least defined.
Instead in locale.h:

sorry (sent the first email by mistake)

#if 1 /* MISSING FROM BIONIC - DEFINED TO MAKE libstdc++-v3 happy */
struct lconv { };
struct lconv *localeconv(void);
#endif /* MISSING */

the only problem is in gnulib nl_langinfo.c at 154

    case RADIXCHAR:
      return localeconv () ->decimal_point;
    case THOUSEP:
      return localeconv () ->thousands_sep;
    /* nl_langinfo items of the LC_TIME category.
       TODO: Really use the locale.  */

lconv struct does not have decimal_point and thousand_sep
I think some default can be used like . and ,
or disable the module at all (android bionic hasn't locale support by design)


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