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Re: [PATCH] set SO_REUSE* before bind(), not after

From: Ed Maste
Subject: Re: [PATCH] set SO_REUSE* before bind(), not after
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2012 20:12:06 -0400

On 1 October 2012 19:52, Bruno Haible <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> Ed Maste wrote:
>> While investigating skipped tests on FreeBSD I found that test-poll
>> and test-select were skipped due to bind() returning EADDRINUSE.  It
>> turns out that these tests call setsockopt(..., SO_REUSE... after
>> calling bind(), not before.
> You're obviously right. SO_REUSEADDR can have no effect if it comes
> after the bind() call.
> The patch you attached was syntactically malformed. I committed this
> one in your name; I hope it is what you meant.

Yes, that's what I meant - sorry about the mixed up patch.  I'm not
exactly sure how it happened - I'll double-check submissions in the

> Feel free to report more bugs like this, that you find!

Absolutely, although it looks like we're pretty close to having all of
the tests apply and pass on FreeBSD so I suspect I don't have many
more to find.

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