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Re: Problems with gnits standard and git-version-gen

From: Harlan Stenn
Subject: Re: Problems with gnits standard and git-version-gen
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2014 01:11:57 +0000

For NTP, we have a kinda hard to describe but easy to read mechanism.

For development versions (odd-number minor releases) each new "issue"
gets a bumped "point number" (major.minor.point).  If that issue is a
release candidate it gets a "-RC" suffix.

For stable versions (even-number minor releases) if we have to make
public snapshots and we are currently at 4.2.6p5 (old way, the new way
would be 4-2.6.5), we'd either be publishing a -betaN, -RCn, or release

The progression might look like this:

 4-6.2.6-beta1 (the first beta release that would become 4-6.2.6)
 4-6.2.6-RC1 (the first RC for 4-6.2.6)

and I note that it doesn't sort well if we go from beta1 to RC1 to beta2
to beta3 to RC2.  At that point you'd need to look at the file
timestamps.  But we do our best to be very careful with changes to the
-stable branch so this is very rarely an issue.  And normal folks will
just wait for the production release.

This is not an issue for dev code because we can always bump the point
number there to make the order clear, and identify whether or not a
tarball is a release candidate or not.


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