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RE: M4 tests fail when built with PGI compilers

From: Stewart, Adam James
Subject: RE: M4 tests fail when built with PGI compilers
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2017 21:37:51 +0000

Thanks Paul,

I tried applying your patch, and it looks like I got a bit further along, but 
`make check` still crashes with:

  CC       test-stddef.o
PGC-S-0045-Illegal field size 
PGC-S-0045-Illegal field size 
PGC/x86-64 Linux 16.5-0: compilation completed with severe errors
make[5]: *** [test-stddef.o] Error 2

Lines 45 and 46 of test-stddef.c look like:

      /* Solaris 10 has a bug where offsetof is under-parenthesized, and
      cannot be used as an arbitrary expression.  However, since it is
      unlikely to bite real code, we ignore that short-coming.  */
       /* verify (sizeof offsetof (struct d, e) == sizeof (size_t)); */
45   verify (sizeof (offsetof (struct d, e)) == sizeof (size_t));
46   verify (offsetof (struct d, e) < -1); /* Must be unsigned.  */
       verify (offsetof (struct d, f) == 1);

Is this expected?

P.S. I submitted a ticket to PGI regarding the bogus warning messages you 
mentioned: http://www.pgroup.com/userforum/viewtopic.php?p=21440#21440

Adam J. Stewart
Assistant Systems Administrator
Laboratory Computing Resource Center
Computing, Environment and Life Sciences
Argonne National Laboratory

From: Paul Eggert address@hidden
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2017 4:49 PM
To: Stewart, Adam James
Cc: Eric Blake; address@hidden; Bug-gnulib
Subject: Re: M4 tests fail when built with PGI compilers

On 01/31/2017 07:46 AM, Stewart, Adam James wrote:
> Yes, the warnings are annoying, but more importantly, `make check` doesn't 
> pass for me. In fact, I'm not sure if it even gets to the testing phase. I 
> think it crashes when trying to build the test suite.

Your log file says all the M4 tests passed; see the line "All checks
successful". The tests that failed are all Gnulib tests that do not
suggest any problems in M4 proper, only problems in the Gnulib test
harness (plus one portability bug in Gnulib that M4 should not trigger).
So you should be OK.

The Gnulib 'make check' failures are fixed by the patch I mentioned
earlier, which should appear in the next version of GNU M4. Here it is


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