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VMS has struct sched_param in pthread.h

From: John E. Malmberg
Subject: VMS has struct sched_param in pthread.h
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2017 18:16:14 -0500
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Hello All,

The make step on VMS next stopped at glthread/cond.c with:

cc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DEXEEXT=\"\" -DEXEEXT=\"\" -DNO_XMALLOC -DEXEEXT=\"\" -I. -I.. -DGNULIB_STRICT_CHECKING=1 -g -c -o glthread/cond.o glthread/cond.c

struct sched_param
%CC-E-REDEFSTRUCT, In this declaration, the struct "sched_param" is redefined.
at line number 52 in file LCL_ROOT:[gnulib.gllib]sched.h;1
make[4]: *** [glthread/cond.o] Error 2

VMS does not currently provide a sched.h and has that definition in pthread.h instead.


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