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Re: VMS has struct sched_param in pthread.h

From: John E. Malmberg
Subject: Re: VMS has struct sched_param in pthread.h
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2017 21:47:24 -0500
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On 6/16/2017 12:21 PM, Bruno Haible wrote:
Hello John,

VMS does not currently provide a sched.h and has that definition in
pthread.h instead.

Please try the attached patch.

Thank you, I will try to get to that this weekend.

Please also tell us identification of your environment:
   - Is it "VMS"? Or "OpenVMS"?

The marketing people renamed VMS to OpenVMS at about version 5.5, but many people consider the "Open" to be silent.

This is what uname will report on an Itanium system which it gets from querying the OS from config.log:

uname -m = HP_rx2600___1_50GHz_6_0MB_
uname -r = 0
uname -s = OpenVMS
uname -v = V8.4

/usr/bin/uname -p = unknown
/bin/uname -X     = unknown

/bin/arch              = HP_rx2600___1_50GHz_6_0MB_
/usr/bin/arch -k       = unknown
/usr/convex/getsysinfo = unknown
/usr/bin/hostinfo      = unknown
/bin/machine           = unknown
/usr/bin/oslevel       = unknown
/bin/universe          = unknown

- Which version? You're talking about 7.3 here, 8.2 there, 8.4
- [Not for this patch, but for other ones.]

My current efforts are mainly targeting 8.3 and 8.4 for Alpha and Itanium.

I know of one person trying to rebuild my ports on VMS 8.2 Alpha.

I also have systems currently powered off that stop at VMS Alpha 7.2-2.

VMS 8.4 will be the last VMS release for Alpha, and probably the last for Itanium.

VMS 9.0 will be the first VMS release on x86_64 and hopefully will default to having its C library be more compatible with Linux.

VMS 7.3 was the last VMS release for VAX.

I can build bash 4.2.x on VMS VAX 7.3. Bash 4.3.x expects a 64 bit ino_t, and does not use same-inode.h yet.

Many GNU products like Make and Gawk are still being built for VAX/VMS 7.3. I do not know how many users are using them. I will keep updating the VAX ports for the GNV project as long it does not take extra effort to keep them building.

What's the best C preprocessor conditionals for your environment?
According topredef.sf.net, I guess it's __DECC for the compiler and
__VMS for the operating system?
> Conditionalized with __VMS_VER >=82000000 or __VMS_VER >= 84000000 ?

Compiler:  __DECC
           __DECC_VER example 70390020

C library: __CRTL_VER example 80400000 for 8.4
CPU:       __ALPHA or __ia64 or __VAX

Usually !__VAX is used for code that needs either Alpha or Itanium.
A common bug is using __ALPHA which caused compiles to be wrong in Itanium.

OS:         __VMS
VMS version: __VMS_VER=80400022 For 8.4 with some updates.

The __CRTL_VER is probably the most important version setting. The __VMS_VER setting would be for VMS specific code to implement something that is missing that varies with the version of VMS.


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