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OpenVMS getdtablesize.c and getloadavg.c issues.

From: John E. Malmberg
Subject: OpenVMS getdtablesize.c and getloadavg.c issues.
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2017 08:02:26 -0500
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The getdtablesize.c module will not compile on OpenVMS and is really not needed.

The way that the an OpenVMS getrlimit() would be most likely implemented to return the RLIMIT_NOFILE is to call the system supplied getdtablesize().

Is there someway for configure to be changed to not set the macros causing it to be built when the platform is OpenVMS?

The dtablesize is fixed at the time that the image is run as it is the lesser of the SYSGEN channelcnt setting and the user's fillm quota.

There is no API to adjust it for a running process.

The getloadavg.c OpenVMS code probably has not built in quite some time and probably for now should be reduced to setting the ENOSYS errno and returning -1.

It has two variants, one requires the long gone eunice product, and the other requires a third party LOADAVERAGE driver that I can not find any current download location for.

From OpenVMS 7.3 on, the sys$getrmi() system service is used to return that information, and I will look at writing that code at a future time.


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