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Re: [PATCH] localtime-buffer: Prevent rpl_gmtime and rpl_localtime from

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [PATCH] localtime-buffer: Prevent rpl_gmtime and rpl_localtime from calling themselves
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2017 12:41:39 +0200
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Hi Akash,

> I am using Arch linux, cross-compiling with mingw-w64-gcc 7.1.1.
> ...
> Apparently the logic breaks when cross-compiling. I have 1 here.
>      configure:24258: checking whether gettimeofday clobbers localtime 
> buffer
>      configure:24307: result: guessing yes

Indeed; this explains it.

Cross-compilation to native Windows was not really tested so far.

> Maybe add more cases to m4/gettimeofday.m4 for 'action when
> cross-compiling'?

Yes, this is the required fix. I'll go through all ca. 280 cross-compilation
guesses that we have in m4/* and update them for native Windows...

As a workaround, in the mean time, please set the environment variables
when running configure.


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