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Re: [PATCH] gnulib-tool.py: Append, don't replace existing VCS ignore fi

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [PATCH] gnulib-tool.py: Append, don't replace existing VCS ignore files
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2017 14:17:55 +0200
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Hi Darshit,

> * pygnulib/GLImport.py(_update_ignorelist_): Append the ignore data to
> any existing VCS ignore files instead of replacing them

We cannot judge this patch, for lack of information about what it does and
why it is needed.

1) What is the problem with the current behaviour of gnulib-tool.py?

2) Is the behaviour of gnulib-tool the same? That is, is this patch introducing
   a behavioural difference between gnulib-tool.py and gnulib-tool, or is it
   removing one?

Some background: We plan to have, for some time, gnulib-tool and gnulib-tool.py
be functionally identical, i.e. they should produce the exactly same results
and outputs. During this time,
  - Dmitry and others will be able to rewrite or optimize gnulib-tool.py,
  - Anyone can compare the results and speed of gnulib-tool vs. gnulib-tool.py.

But we are not there yet. Maybe in one or two weeks, but not now. Until then,
it is essential that gnulib-tool.py *converges* to gnulib-tool. We want to
avoid diverging behaviour.

And when we are there, it will be essential that gnulib-tool.py and gnulib-tool
evolve in sync. That is, any new feature of gnulib-tool should be a new
feature of gnulib-tool.py, and vice versa.


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