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Re: Module dependency problems ?

From: Tim Rühsen
Subject: Re: Module dependency problems ?
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2018 10:03:07 +0100
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With Best Regards, Tim

On 02/14/2018 10:44 PM, Bruno Haible wrote:
> Hi Tim,
>> I see these linker warnings:
>> undefined reference to `rpl_fclose'
>> undefined reference to `rpl_nanosleep'
>> and I don't see what's wrong, looks like I need some help.
>> From the extra/Makefile:
>> # Reproduce by: gnulib-tool --import --local-dir=extra/override --
>> lib=libextra --source-base=extra --m4-base=extra/m4 --
>> doc-base=doc --tests-base=tests --aux-dir=build-aux --no-conditional-
>> dependencies --libtool --macro-prefix=extra c-ctype
>>  c-strcase c-strcasestr cond dirname gettext-h gettime limits-h
>> nanosleep sockets thread
>> I am using libtool for creating a libextra.la, if that matters.
>> After 'make', in extra/ there is no nanosleep.[l]o, just the .c file.
> Sorry, but that's too little information to even begin an analysis.
> Typically you debug it like this, from two ends:
> A.
>   1. Determine, by looking at the configure output and the gnulib 
> documentation
>      and the corresponding .m4 file, whether a gnulib override of fclose() is
>      meant to be provided by gnulib.
>   2. Look at the values of the AC_SUBSTed variables HAVE_FCLOSE, 
>      etc. in config.status. (I hope you have only one config.status!)

What do you means with "only one config.status" ? gnulib-tool is called
twice - maybe there is a conflict ?

# Reproduce by: gnulib-tool --import --dir=. --local-dir=gl --lib=libgnu
--source-base=lib/ --m4-base=m4/ --doc-base=doc --tests-base=tests
--aux-dir=build-aux --makefile-name=gnulib.mk
--no-conditional-dependencies --libtool --macro-prefix=gl accept bind
calloc-posix canonicalize-lgpl clock-time close closedir cond connect
crypto/md2 crypto/md5 crypto/sha1 crypto/sha256 crypto/sha512 dirname
dup2 errno fclose fcntl fdopen fflush flock fnmatch-gnu fopen fstat
fsync ftruncate futimens getaddrinfo getpass getsockname gettext-h
gettime gitlog-to-changelog glob iconv inet_pton inline inttypes ioctl
isatty lib-symbol-visibility limits-h listen lock maintainer-makefile
malloc-posix memchr mkdir mkstemp msvc-nothrow nanosleep netdb
netinet_in nl_langinfo open opendir pipe-posix progname popen poll
posix_spawn pwrite qsort_r random_r read readdir realloc-posix recv
recvfrom regex rename safe-read safe-write select send sendto servent
setlocale setsockopt socket sockets socklen spawn-pipe stdarg stdbool
stddef stdint stat strcase strchrnul strdup-posix strerror strndup
strstr strtoll sys_file sys_socket sys_stat sys_time sys_types thread
time_r unistd unlink warnings write

# Reproduce by: gnulib-tool --import --local-dir=extra/override
--lib=libextra --source-base=extra --m4-base=extra/m4 --doc-base=doc
--tests-base=tests --aux-dir=build-aux --no-conditional-dependencies
--libtool --macro-prefix=extra c-ctype c-strcase c-strcasestr cond
dirname gettext-h gettime limits-h nanosleep sockets thread

Let's first stick with nanosleep (there is just one occurrence).

The appropriate C file uses nanosleep and includes the right include
from gnulib (extra/time.h) and thus uses rpl_nanosleep(). The link step
also correctly uses ../extra/.libs/libextra.a (that exists). This seems
all to be correct.

But as I said, in extra/ the nanosleep.o is not created by 'make' and
thus rpl_nanosleep() is missing in libextra.a. So I guess it's a matter
of the generated Makefile.

$ grep nanosleep extra/Makefile.am
## begin gnulib module nanosleep
EXTRA_DIST += nanosleep.c
EXTRA_libextra_la_SOURCES += nanosleep.c
## end   gnulib module nanosleep

In comparison, gettime is built correctly:
$ grep gettime extra/Makefile.am
## begin gnulib module gettime
libextra_la_SOURCES += gettime.c
## end   gnulib module gettime

So the question is why is nanosleep.o / nansleep.lo not being built ?

$ grep -i nanosleep config.h
/* Define to 1 when the gnulib module nanosleep should be tested. */
/* Define to 1 if nanosleep mishandles large arguments. */

$ grep -i nanosleep config.status
"o nanosleep.lo nl_langinfo.lo printf-args.lo printf-parse.lo vasnprintf.lo"
S["gl_LIBOBJS"]=" asnprintf.o fclose.o fcntl.o fflush.o fpurge.o fseek.o
fseeko.o glob.o glob_pattern_p.o globfree.o ioctl.o localtime-buffer.o
mbrtowc.o nanosleep.o"\

Regards, Tim

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