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Re: Patch so gl_UNKNOWN_WARNINGS_ARE_ERRORS can be used with Objective C

From: Eric Gallager
Subject: Re: Patch so gl_UNKNOWN_WARNINGS_ARE_ERRORS can be used with Objective C again
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2018 22:29:50 -0500

On 2/18/18, Bruno Haible <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Eric,
>> Previously I used to use the gl_WARN_ADD autoconf macro from gnulib to
>> test whether the compiler supports specific Objective C warning flags.
>> After recent gnulib changes to make gl_UNKNOWN_WARNINGS_ARE_ERRORS
>> language-specific, this broke. Attached is a patch to fix that.
> Thanks. Patch applied.
>> I'm pretty sure I already have a copyright assignment on file for gnulib,
>> but if not, this patch should be trivial enough to apply anyways.
> Indeed, the patch being nearly entirely a copy-and-paste of a block of code
> a couple of lines ahead, it does not require a copyright assignment.
> Do you also want to provide a 'build-aux/gobjc-warning.spec' file and
> a 'm4/manywarnings-objc.m4' file? Or don't you use the 'manywarnings'
> module?

I use the manywarnings module for C, but there aren't really that many
objc-specific warnings (in gcc at least), at least not enough to have
made me want a manywarnings-objc... but I guess I could propose one
anyways. Besides the 2 files you suggested attaching, I also attached
a test configure.ac, but one issue with it is that it seems to call
gl_UNKNOWN_WARNINGS_ARE_ERRORS before every single gl_WARN_ADD call,
resulting in lots of unnecessary duplicated lines of:
checking whether Objective C compiler handles -Werror
-Wunknown-warning-option... (cached) no
in the output. It doesn't do that with just the plain C version. Any idea why?


> Bruno

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