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Re: cnd_timedout returns immediately when built with MinGW

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: cnd_timedout returns immediately when built with MinGW
Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2022 20:27:54 +0200

Hi Tim,

> I am at switching wget2 multithreading from C99+glthreads to C11 
> (threads.h).

I hope that you have considered the Gnulib documentation on this topic:

> The tests work well on Linux (amd64) (Debian unstable/testing/stable, 
> Fedora 35, Arch, Alpine/muslc) with native builds (gcc or clang).
> But they completely fail when cross-building with MinGW64 (on Debian 
> bookworm).

And what's the execution environment? Is it Windows or is it wine? wine is
not supported; I've had enough work making it work on Windows.

Also, are you configuring with --enable-threads=windows? If yes, then
it should work (on Windows). If not, then if the winpthreads library
is found, it will be used; but since this library is broken, some of the
tests will hang, crash, or fail. To avoid using this broken library,
add this macro invocation to your configure.ac:


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