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Re: Clang-built Gawk 5.2.1 regex oddity

From: Arsen Arsenović
Subject: Re: Clang-built Gawk 5.2.1 regex oddity
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2023 00:06:56 +0100


Paul Eggert <eggert@cs.ucla.edu> writes:

> This is a serious bug in Clang: it generates incorrect machine code.
> The code that Clang generates for the following (gawk/support/dfa.c lines
> 1141-1143):
>     ((dfa->syntax.dfaopts & DFA_CONFUSING_BRACKETS_ERROR
>       ? dfaerror : dfawarn)
>      (_("character class syntax is [[:space:]], not [:space:]")));
> is immediately followed by the code generated for the following
> (gawk/support/dfa.c line 1015):
>                     dfaerror (_("invalid character class"));
> and this is incorrect because the two source code regions are not connected
> with each other.

This is now fixed in Clang:

Happy hacking!
Arsen Arsenović

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