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Re: Making _Noreturn a no-op in < Clang 16?

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Making _Noreturn a no-op in < Clang 16?
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2023 19:40:13 -0800
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On 1/19/23 13:30, Sam James wrote:
Right, I just meant that we don't tend to care about quieting warnings with 
older compilers,
and it's not useful from a static analysis perspective here either given that 
older Clangs can't be trusted.

It is of course useful as an attribute in general. I don't think either of 
these things are really
a downside to committing the workaround here. If we get folks who get build 
failures with extra warnings
enabled, we can tell them to upgrade their compiler.

But clang 16 isn't out yet, so we can't reasonably tell people to upgrade.

And even if it clang 16 were out, I can't reasonably tell all Emacs developers to switch to it right away. Many of them are using Apple's compiler and will upgrade whenever. Plain './configure; make' on a bleeding-edge Emacs built from Git with Clang 15 would generate 270 false alarms if we simply did "#define _Noreturn /**/", and I expect many Emacs developers would be annoyed by that (or would stop paying attention to any correct diagnostics mixed in with the flood of false positives).

With that in mind, how about the attached Gnulib patch? (I haven't installed it.) The basic idea is to "#define _Noreturn /**/" on buggy clangs if a cautious builder compiles with -D_GL_WORK_AROUND_LLVM_BUG_5979.

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