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[bug-GNUnet] GNUnet on FreeBSD

From: Alexander Linden
Subject: [bug-GNUnet] GNUnet on FreeBSD
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 19:45:17 +0200
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I have now installed 0.7.2 on FreeBSD.

Configure stopped with gnome-libs not found (related to libglade) 
but --without-gtk was ignored. I didn't install anything for this but 
changed configure.ac. instead. According to the manpage it must
be a bug that gnome parts are required to install the daemon.

Second problem, it doesn't build. Tried an older version and found
the same problem. Solution was a one line change, the addition
of #include <sys/types.h> in platform.h. 

After adding this line it compiled until setup/lib, where it stopped at an 
unchanged @address@hidden Certainly my own attempt to remove the
GUI features. I found a list of  unused GTK definitions in the Makefile and 
everything in this directory compiled after just removing them. Same 
in transports/upnp.

Next stop was in setup/text/conf.c. Solution was to add #define OSX to this 
file because TIOCGETA works on FreeBSD. But I get lots of undefined 
scm_ type references. Decided to compile without guile.

After that it compiled on FreeBSD.  

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