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Re: [bug-GNUnet] Spanish translation

From: Miguel Ángel
Subject: Re: [bug-GNUnet] Spanish translation
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2013 12:38:42 +0100


Sorry, my first mail was not received by the Spanish list of TP, but I
have been talking with Santiago Vila (Spanish team coordinator), so I
think It is progressing.

Also, there are a couple of issues in translation project page. The
first one is that versions 0.9.3, 0.9.4 and 0.9.5 are not uploaded. You
can read at http://translationproject.org/html/maintainers.html the
announce of POT files only requires a mail to
address@hidden with text
"ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/gnunet/gnunet{,-gtk}-0.9.{3,4,5}.tar.gz"; and
even better to include "gnunet{,-gtk}-0.9.{3,4,5}.pot" in the subject.

The other one is that gnunet-gtk page points to gnunet.tar.gz and GNUnet
POT file, I think this have to be fixed by TP folks, because the page
also says that the same version only can be used once.

Happy hacking!

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