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[Bug-gnustep] Weekly Update

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: [Bug-gnustep] Weekly Update
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 14:36:46 -0600

Now at http://www.gnustep.org
Week ending 16 September 2000

gstep-base (Foundation)

GSXML - a range of new classes wrapping libxml and providing both
SAX-like (incremental) parsing or generation of a parse tree and objects to
traverse it.
Documentation for the GSXML classes.
Support for parsing MacOS-X property-lists in XML format.
Improve support for NSUserDefaults-based modification of runtime behavior
for MacOS-X compatibility.
UnixFileHandle - made GC aware.
NSLock classes - made GC aware.
GSTcpPort - update to work with MINGW
NSPipe - port to MINGW
NSFileManager - various fixes for MINGW
NSHost and NSPortNameServer - updates for MINGW
Various configuration improvements for portability.
NSString - many improvements for multiple character set support and UTF8
NSConnection - fixes for a process acting as a server to be able to act
as its own client.
NSDistantObject - implemented missing methodForSelector: method.
NSDate - fix typo in MINGW support.
NSData - fix file I/O support for MINGW
NSAttributedString - make description method use same format as MacOS-X
NSDistributedNotificationCenter - fix API to conform to MacOS-X documentation.

gstep-gui (AppKit frontend)

NSMatrix - implement coding/decoding, standardize ivar names, various
fixes for selecting and deselecting ranges of cells.
NSForm - standardize ivar names.
NSWindow - various fixups for keyboard event handling - key equivalent
methods implemented.
NSPanel (alert panels) add alternate image for return/enter and use it.
NSOpenPanel, NSSavePanel - fixes for text editing.
NSBrowser - keyboard navigation added.

gstep-xgps (AppKit backend)

Bugfix for alpha support ensuring window number is set correctly.
Removed some obsolete code.

gstep-make (Makefiles package)

Link with libxml if it is available.
Link with support for iconv if available.
Install DLLs in the right place.
Use CPPFLAGS during configuration.

Week ending 16 September 2000

gstep-base (Foundation)
gstep-gui (AppKit frontend)
gstep-xgps (AppKit backend)
gstep-make (Makefiles package)

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