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Various annoying bugs

From: Lyndon Tremblay
Subject: Various annoying bugs
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 06:41:15 -0700

First one.. The NSOpenPanel (probably NSSavePanel as well, not sure)
won't load at all until the pointer is moved about the menus, without
clicking.. I can have it wait forever and it won't load until i do so...
like it stops execution until i move the pointer around inside the

I'll look into that one a bit more technically perhaps.

Second, each time an NSComboBox is used, by picking an item in the
pop up, the application's various "disappear-when-not-focused"
windows end up dissapearing, forcing a double click on the app icon
or refocusing any leftover windows. This might be a problem with
WindowMaker only (0.62.1, latest non-dev release), but it does affect
only GNUstep applications.

Wondering if anyone else experienced any of these? Again, I'll look into

them more at a technical level personally.


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