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Weekly Update

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Weekly Update
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 20:51:14 -0700

At http://www.gnustep.org
Week ending 29 October 2000

gstep-base (Foundation)

Framework support added - implemented framework methods in NSBundle and
modified other method implementations appropriately.  Dynamic loading code
updated for framework support.
Automatic localisation support added using native libraries on many
systems.  Added missing localisation keys to NSUserDefaults. Added new
localisation functions, added a new test tool for admin use.
GSMimeDocument, GSMimeParser - new internal classes to provide support
for handling stuff like headers in NSURLHandle.
NSURLHandle - tidied initialisation methods, made registry of handle
classes thread-safe. Implemented handle loading methods for the convenience
of subclasses.
Various minor fixes and optimisations in NSString, NSAttributedString,
NSProxy, NSDistantObject, NSData

gstep-gui (AppKit frontend)

Various NSText and related class updates and minor fixes.

gstep-make (Makefiles package)

Many files changed in order to add support for frameworks.

tests (Regression testing)

Some NSDate and NSAttributedString tests added.

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