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Re: A different LinuxPPC issue.Re: GNUstep on LinuxPPC

From: Stephen Peters
Subject: Re: A different LinuxPPC issue.Re: GNUstep on LinuxPPC
Date: 07 Nov 2000 15:26:39 -0500
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richard@brainstorm.co.uk writes:

> > so I'm guessing the problem is the va_arg code in gg_class.m.  If 
> > anyone knows how to fix this, that'll be useful; otherwise I'll just 
> > see if I can follow the similar code in NSInvocation.m to make the 
> > right alterations. 
> Interestingly, I don't have this problem - perhaps because I compile
> with debug=yes ?  I guess it could be a compiler feature/bug.

Yes, that makes sense.  The va-ppc.h header file only enables the
violation checking code when you're not optimizing.  I suppose we
could always turn off optimization for that file...

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