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two bugs...

From: Benhur Stein
Subject: two bugs...
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 23:38:53 -0200

Hi all,
I just found two bugs that were preventing my program to run
(current cvs snapshot version of GNUstep on Debian 2.2):

In -[NSGCString initWithCoder:] it takes the zone from self
after having released self. I added a local variable to hold
the zone before releasing and it worked.

In NSBundle.m:
in function _bundle_load_callback() there is:
  if (theClass)
    className = NSStringFromClass(theClass);
    className = [NSString stringWithCString: theCategory->class_name];

  if ([NSBundle _addFrameworkFromClass: theClass] == YES)

which means that +[NSBundle _addFrameworkFromClass:] can be called with
parameter theClass being Nil. This gives a segfault in:
+ (BOOL) _addFrameworkFromClass:(Class)frameworkClass
  NSBundle      *bundle;
  NSString      **fmClasses;
  NSString      *bundlePath = nil;
  int           len = strlen(frameworkClass->name);

Well, my program is still not running, it gets a segfault inside X when
dealloc'ing a NSWindow... but I didn't have enough time to dig this one :-(
I've simply put a return in NSWindow dealloc and now it runs...


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