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Weekly Update

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Weekly Update
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 09:06:04 -0700

at http://www.gnustep.org
Week ending 26 November 2000

This week the work on gstep-gui has mostly been in bringing printer support
closer to reality, and in adding documentation.  Of course, we always need
more work on documentation, and volunteers are very welcome.

In gstep-base, fixes have been made to threading and distributed objects so
that a multi-threaded java servlets engine can safely have servlets in  
different threads use distributed objects to communicate with other processes.

gstep-base (Foundation)

NSBundle - autorelease bug in framework support fixed.

GSTcpPort - locking fixes for thread-safety of DO.

NSThread - autorelease problems on thread exit fixed.

NSConnection - typo fixed in lock management on connection invalidation.

GSHTTPURLHandle - various tidyups.

NSURLHandle - documentation for private subclasses added, to describe  
operation with different URL schemes.

gstep-gui (AppKit frontend)

Printing support - various further work towards making this usable.

Improved gsdoc documentation introduction.

NSTableColumn - completely documented

NSView - drawRect: documented.

NSTabViewItem - multiple release bug fixed.

GSInfoPanel - use system fonts.

gstep-xgps (AppKit backend)

XGStreamContext - some missing methods added.

gsweb (WebObjects compatible library)

GSWDisplayGroup - index boundary error fixed.

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