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Weekly Update

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Weekly Update
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2000 19:59:46 -0700

at http://www.gnustep.org
Week ending 3 December 2000

gstep-base (Foundation)

NSDate/NSCalendarDate - fixes and extensions to formats handled =
when initialising from strings.

NSObject - implemented new KeveValueCoding protocol (in MacOS-X =
beta) to permit ivar values to
be set/retrieved by name.  Untested, but should work for numeric =
values, chars, and objects/classes.

NSClassDescription - implemented new class from MacOS-X

JIGS (Java Interface for GnuStep)

Version 1.0 released - you can now freely use the GNUstep libraries =
from java code and can
use Java packages from ObjC

Lots of great documentation added, good tutorials on how to use this =

gsweb (WebObjects compatible library)

GSWDisplayGroup - missing method call fixed.

GSWComponentRequestHandler - cookie fix in =

GSWComponentRequest - performParentAction implemented.

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