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From: carlstephen33
Subject: [#2]
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 22:01:40 -0500

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Week ending 10 December 2000

gstep-base (Foundation)

NSConnection - Added support for FFCALL stack frame =
NSInvocation - Added support for FFCALL stack frame =
NSDistantObject - forward requestss using FFCALL as necessary
NSSet - simplification and tidyup
NSURLHandle - minor improvements for background loading.
makefiles - chanfges to spport flattened directory structure.

gstep-gui (GUI frontend library)

NSCell - missing methods implemented, and all subclasses =
NSFont - made predefined fonts redefinable
NSTabView - draw in bounds rectangle
Minor fixes to avoid compiler warnings etc

gstep-xdps (GUI backend library)

Makefiles updated for flattened directory structure

gstep-xgps (GUI backend library)

Makefiles updated for flattened directory structure

gstep-make (Makefiles package)

Added --enable-ffcall to enable use of FFCALL library for =
invocations and DO
Documentation regenerated
Added --enable-flattened to enable a 'flattened' directory =

gsweb (WebObjects compatible library)

GSWDisplayGroup - -setSelectedObjects: implemented.
GSWCheckBoxList - minor fixes.

tests (regression testing framework)

NSCalendarDate - added another file to test creating of dates from =
strings without timezones specified.

The three main items this week are -

NSCell updates - changes to implement many (all?) missing methods, tidy =
instance variables, and update
all subclasses of NSCell to deal with the changes.  This means your =
library will need a rebuild and any
archived NSCell objects will be invalid :-(

FFCALL support - The FFCALL library can now be used to support the =
stack frame handling needed by
invocations and distributed objects.  This should provide greater =
portability than the old method
that depended on features of the gcc compiler that were not properly =
implemented for many systems.
The author of FFCALL has kindly permitted it's use in GNUstep under the =
LGPL license.

Flattened directory structure - with this option, you lose the =
flexibility of the normal GNUstep
directory structure to support multiple =
simultaneously, but you have a simple directory structure with all the =
binaries at the top level.


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