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Weekly Update

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Weekly Update
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 10:17:52 -0700

>From http://www.gnustep.org
Weeks ending 31 December 2000 and 7 January 2001

gstep-base (Foundation)

NSObject - various key/value encoding fixes and updates.
methodSignatureForSelector: fix for FreeBSD
NSEnumerator - implemented -allObjects method.
NSBundle - fix for locating executable in win32
FFCall - updated to use new hook added to objc runtime.
configuration - updated for recent versions of libxml.

gstep-gui (GUI frontend library)

NSText - sizing fixes and modification/simplification in various
NSText related classes.  Improved handling of pasting of fonts, rulers,
and colors.  Improved selection with word granularity.
NSColor - various tidyups and optimisations.
NSNSButton - added missing methods, simplified cell drawing =

gstep-make (Makefiles package)

Updates to detection of libxml
Framework library path fixes
Fixes to permit multiple bundles to be built in same =

gstep-guile (Guile interface library)

Update to fix bug when using classes loaded into guile from a
shared library.  Fixed error in adding guile factory methods to an ObjC
class - was adding them to instance methods!

tests (regression testing framework)

New tests for NSFileManager, NSInvocation, NSMutableArray and =

Update so tests can be run without installing test program.

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