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Re: Error while compiling gstep-base

From: Raphael Sebbe
Subject: Re: Error while compiling gstep-base
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 08:10:57 +0100

On Wednesday, January 24, 2001, at 08:43 PM, Jeff Teunissen wrote:

> Utkala Olivier wrote: 
> >  
> > The NSData compilation results in a 'segmentation fault' from gcc. 
> >  
> > NSData.m:2412: Internal error: Erreur de segmentation. 
> > Please submit a full bug report. 
> If there is no hardware problem, even if the segfault was caused by a buggy 
> program, this /is/ a gcc bug. 

I went into this when compiling under RedHat 7.0 (gcc 2.96). You have to use 
egcs instead of gcc (this is detailed in the Supported Platforms section on 
GNUstep website).

BTW, I got it to compile (gstep 6.6), but I can't launch any app. I get an 
NSLockException (attempt to recursively lock...). I guess this is a redhat 7.0 
problem since it worked on previous versions (6.1, 6.2).


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