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Re: Fallout from NSLog -> NSDebug{L,LL}og change...

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Fallout from NSLog -> NSDebug{L,LL}og change...
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 08:53:31 +0000

On Sunday, March 4, 2001, at 02:23 AM, Jeff Teunissen wrote:

> Switching to NSDebugLog and friends caused some problems linking -- gui and 
> xgps have files trying to use it but which don't include Foundation/NSDebug.h 
> -- here's a patch for xgps. I have a patch for gui too, but I've made local 
> changes there that need to be sorted out. 

I think this patch is bogus ... I believe that all the source files in xgps that
use NSDebugLog include NSDebug.h themselves.

As for the gui library,  all source files should include config.h, and config.h
includes NSDebug.h ... so there is nothing to be done there either.

Probably you had link problems for some other reason entirely - it all worked
for me yesterday when I did a full checkout from the new CVS repository.

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