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Re: Fix: NSBezierPath, appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter (2)

From: Georg Fleischmann
Subject: Re: Fix: NSBezierPath, appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter (2)
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 20:44:55 +0100

Hi Nicola,

> So - I'd rather propose the following change (I also added lots of
> comments to help future bug fixings) - if you can test it and it's Ok, we
> could use this one -

I tested it: it doesn't do the job.

> startAngle = 0
> endAngle = -450
> clockwise
> it wouldn't work... <it would draw a full circumference rather than simply
> from -90 to 0>

Thats exactly what it does, and I think its the correct behavior.
To confirm this, I checked the following PostScript code on my OpenStep  
machine as well as on ghostscript:

200 100 moveto
100 100 100 0 -450 arcn

This draws a full circumference.

I also took a look at the ghostscript code, and they are doing the same in  
their arc/arcn code, as my patch does. So I think, it would be the correct  
thing to do.

Another thing, I realized:
If the current point is not the start point of the arc, PostScript draws a  
line from the current position to the start of the arc.
To get this behavior in GNUstep, appendBezierPathWithArcWithCenter just has to  
perform a lineto instead of a moveto to the start position of the arc (if a  
current point is defined).


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