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GNUstep weekly update

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: GNUstep weekly update
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 08:27:12 -0700

More info at www.gnustep.org
Week ending 24 March 2001

Currently we've frozen the source for our LaunchPad release (non-gui
libraries). Testing on various platforms is underway, and hopefully we'll have
a 1.0 release soon.

gnustep-base (Foundation)

Frozen for the 1.0.0 release ... bugfix changes only to be added.

NSMutableData - replaceBytesInRange:withRange: corrected to extend the size of
the data object as necessary
NSSerializer - use memcpy() on machines that need word alignment.
NSTimeZone - use memcpy() on machines that need word alignment.
NSFileManager - various MINGW fixes.
NSObject - methodSignatureForSelector: improved to try really hard to find
a method signature if the object doesn't implement the method itsself.
NSString - localisation fixes.
Various fixes for unicode support.

gnustep-gui (GUI frontend library)

Version 0.6.8 released.
NSBezierPath - simplified and tidied.
NSColor - rewritten as an abstract base class and private subclasses.
NSBrowser - bugfix unloading from column.
Various controls, updated to support dotted rectangles round selected cells.
Also added a variety of MacOS-X methods.

gnustep-xgps (GUI backend library)

Version 0.6.8 released.
NSDottedFrameRect() added

gnustep-xdps (GUI backend library)

NSDottedFrameRect() added

gnustep-make (Makefiles package)

Fixed bugs in transform_paths.sh
Fixes for reliable RPM generation.

gnustep-test (Regression tests)

New tests added for NSMutableData

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