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Gorm bug report

From: Stefan Urbanek
Subject: Gorm bug report
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 14:23:18 +0100


I decided to use Gorm instead of creating views by hand. It seems to be very
usable now.

I have some problems that I would like to report. Some of them may be just
results of improper use and not bugs, so ignore them. I am using current
snapshot of gnustep and Gorm.

1. Cut & Paste

- When I copy window or panel,  I cannot paste it.

- I cannot paste a view, if there is no selection. Try:
        1. Select and copy a button
        2. Deselect everything
        3. Try to paste (nothing happens)
        4. Select some object
        5. Paste (it will be pasted)

2. Dragging

- It is not possible to drag views from any place into NSBox, except from

- Dragging a color from color panel into a color well does not change color in
  the well. You can drag color only into well in color panel.

3. Opening

- When opening a gmodel file with menus, all submenus are displayed.

- Sometimes when opening a document, document window is not displayed and it
  not included in windows menu. Sometimes  there are only visible windows from
  document. I cannot tell you, how to reproduce this, because it does not
  happen every time. It seems that this happen when you try to open a
  switch to another app and deactivate Gorm. Sometimes just windows from model
  file are open, but not document window. It usually does not happen, when you
  open document with 'gopen'. Just try to open several .gorm files from Gorm,
  ProjectCenter or gopen.

4. Inspectors

- There is no way, how to delete or rename an action

- Superclass view in class inspector is popupbutton. There is nothing wrong
  with it, until there are many classes.

5. NSBrowser

- I cannot connect NSBrowser to an outlet. When I try to drag from object with
  an outlet to a NSBrowser, there are three possibilities to connect to:
  content view and two different positions of (T) at scroller. But on any of
  these positions, when I press Connect button I get connection in connection
  inspector to (nil).

- if I connect some object to a NSBrowser as delegate, gorm will crash

6. Titles

- Titles of objects (buttons, menu items, textfields) are set to last used in
  inspector panel. I cannot also reproduce this, but just try to set title of
  a button and try to select other. Sometimes title is changed to the title of 
  previously selected item. Also when you save the document or resize the
  window, all (or just some) items that were selected before (not now), will
  get the title of last title used in inspector panel, even they are not
  currently selected.

- Titles again: when I set a title of an element in NSForm, all titles will
  be set to the same title. Same with NSMatrix, when I select another matrix
  item, the title will change.

This is very annoying, because I am not able to set title of any control

7. Classes

- when opening a file, in class list I have just classes that were saved in
  .classes file. I thing it should be merged with ClassesInfo file from gorm. 
  Because when I do not use some classes/actions and save the document, I will 
  lost them next time I open the document.

Anyway, Gorm is great application. I think, anyone should start using it, even
it is not finished. 



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